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Around the world, the famous pink star from Hollywood is respected and coveted. This is confirmed by orders we receive at this web site from people in countries around the world who personalize one of our stars for a loved one or friend.

Surprise someone with their name on a Miniature Walk of Fame Star. Our stars are HIGH QUALITY - a gift that will be treasured by the recipient for years to come.

HOW IS IT MADE? Each miniature replica Walk of Fame star is individually personalized with the recipient's name. The name is in gold like the real Walk of Fame stars in Hollywood. Each WOF star is detailed by hand. Our WOF stars are made of high quality ceramic specially treated with a polymer that accepts the expensive permanent inks we use. Stars are wrapped, then heat pressed at 400 degrees for several minutes then cooled.. Sides and back are hand-detailed. Black easel back stands or adhesive felt are placed on the back. Most WOF stars include an individually signed Certificate of Authenticity - not a printed signature. Your WOF stars are packaged according to your order and shipped worldwide.

We LOVE making our Walk of Fame Stars - knowing that each star will bring great JOY to the recipient. Our Walk of Fame stars are helping spread JOY around the world.

5 Entertainment Categories are Honored by Chamber The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honors five categories: Motion Pictures (film camera), Radio, (microphone) Television (TV with antenna), Music (record) and Theatre (smiling / frowning masks).

Hollywood Walk of Fame THE HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME By the end of year 2013, there will be over 2,500 celebrity stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk. Millions of tourists, from around the world, visit the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame every year to see and photograph the stars of their favorite celebrities.

The first celebrity to be honored with a Walk of Fame Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was Joanne Woodward on January 9, 1960. Her star is located at 6801 Hollywood Boulevard. Her husband, Paul Newman did not receive his Walk of Fame Star until 1994. It is located at 7060 Hollywood Boulevard.

Joanne Woodward received the very first Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Celebrity Walk of Fame Stars are memorialized by fans when a famous celebrity dies. Below is a photo of the flowers, candles, personal notes, memorabilia and decorations placed on the star of Christopher Reeve (known as Superman's star) by his fans. For decades, fans have given a final tribute to their favorite celebrities - including a President, Ronald Reagan, by placing a variety of items on their Walk of Fame.

Christopher Reeves' Hollywood Walk of Fame star

When Michael Jackson died so unexpectedly on June 25, 2009, fans began gathering at his Walk of Fame star. The crowds grew very large, and the line of people waiting to place a candle or an item on Michael's star, grew very long. However, everyone waited patiently and peacefully - many crying. Barricades were set up to control the crush of people and allow them to pass by Michael's Walk of Fame Star in an orderly, serene way.

Michael Jackson's Walk of Fame star MICHAEL'S FANS WAITING

Michael Jackson's Walk of Fame star BARRICADES SET UP

Michael Jackson's Walk of Fame star MICHAEL'S WALK OF FAME STAR
June 26, 2009
• Amy Adams
• Jason Bateman
• Goldie Hawn
• Dwayne Johnson
• Chris Pratt
• Brett Ratner
• Ryan Reynolds
• George A. Romero
• Mark Ruffalo
• Rita Wilson
• Tyra Banks
• Andre Braugher
• Ken Corday
• Lee Daniels
• Hugh Laurie
• Eva Longoria
• Wolfgang Puck
• Keri Russell
• Haim Saban
• George Segal
• Sarah Silverman
• Jeffrey Tambor
• Clarence Avant
• Jerry Goldsmith (posthumous)
• Hall & Oates
• Ice Cube
• John Legend
• New Edition
• Selena Quintanilla (posthumous)
• Elvis Duran


• Criss Angel
• Jeff Dunham
• Gustavo Dudamel

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